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What is Your Worth?

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging. Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we are all in this together.” – Brene Brown.

I saw this quote one day as I was scrolling through facebook, and it really resonated with me. As human beings we are not perfect; we are all different and need to strive to love ourselves and be happy in our own skin. In order to be comfortable with ourselves we must be confident, and to gain confidence we must practice self-love and acceptance.

Practicing self-love and acceptance is not an easy feat! In my experience it takes focusing on the positives, being confident in what you can do, and the parts of your body that you really love. This is how it starts. Pick one thing you love about your body, your legs, arms, butt, freckles, hair, it can be anything. Hold on to those positives and don’t dwell on your perceived “flaws”, chances are no one notices these “flaws” but you.

We also can’t focus on the past or how things used to look or feel.

I want you to take a minute to think about your past. Maybe your skin is wrinkled because you love the outdoors, but you wouldn’t trade a single wrinkle for a missed day outside, maybe your elbows hurt because you used to be one hell of a golfer, but you wouldn’t trade a single day because you made your closest friends playing golf, or maybe you have stretch marks across your tummy because you brought another HUMAN BEING into this world, which every mom I've ever talked to says was more than worth it.

I am not saying that we should never have goals to change our bodies. If we want to be thinner, more muscular, or fit into a smaller size, than do it already. The important thing is to set healthy goals and love our bodies as we try to achieve these goals. We can’t tell ourselves that we will love our bodies once we are 10 pounds lighter because then one of two things will happen. We will both not achieve the goal and be unhappy with ourselves, or we will achieve the goal, and tell ourselves that we will love ourselves when we are another 10 pounds lighter.

Whatever your story is, focus on the truth and the positives within that truth. Every inch of you is worth it. You are worthy.

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