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STOP with the Calorie Counting Already!

You’re working hard, fitting your workouts in, improving your form, getting stronger, and building lean muscle, all while managing through your busy life. You’re a rock a star! Well, maybe. How’s your diet? Are you paying attention to what you’re eating? The fact is, you can’t out train a poor diet, so healthy life goals and a complete wellness program comes down to knowing what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat. Ugh. More for you to think about, and this means you probably have to measure stuff, which is a pain, and then even worse and more annoying, you’ll have to count calories.

Good news is, you're wrong. Enough with the calorie counting already! Unless you are following a strict plan under the direction of a medical professional or training for a bodybuilding competition, it's unnecessary. Not only is it unnecessary, but you’re likely unknowingly setting yourself up for failure.

To start, the data on nutritional labels and online in databases can be flawed and unless you meticulously measure and weigh all of your food, and who has time for that, your eye ball guesses on portion sizes can also be flawed. Then there's the bio-chem factors. Not all of the calories we consume are absorbed and more importantly, each individual absorbs calories differently.

Since most people end up getting extremely frustrated with calorie counting, you are more likely to continue with a solution that is straight forward and doesn't require you to hover over a calorie tracking mobile app at the table before, during, or after each meal.

The solution is simple. Take calorie control into your own hands. Literally. By using your own hand as a personalized measuring tool, you are able to control your portion sizes for each food group easily and wherever you are based on your individual goals.

I recommend using the Precision Nutrition meal guidelines:

• Your palm determines your protein portions - 2 palm size portions for males, 1 for females

•Your fist determines your veggie portions - 2 fist size portions for males, 1 for females

•Your cupped hand determines your carb portion - 2 cupped handfuls for males, 1 for females

•Your thumb determines your fat portion - 2 thumb size portions for males, 1 for females

Looking to lose weight? MALES should remove 1 cupped handfuls of carbs and 1 thumb of fat, FEMALES should remove ½ a cupped handful of carbs and ½ thumb of fat.

Looking to gain weight/muscle? MALES should add 1 cupped handfuls of carbs and 1 thumb of fat, FEMALES should add ½ a cupped handful of carbs and ½ thumb of fat.

Ready for the best part? Put.the.scale.away.

Are you eating enough? Eating too little? Start paying attention to the way your clothes fit and how much energy you have, then make adjustments as you feel necessary. You don’t need the scale to tell you much you’re eating. How your body looks and feels holds more value than numbers on a scale that can fluctuate by several pounds overnight based on different factors.

Now go enjoy the newfound time you are able to gain back!

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