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Single Leg Deadlift Snapshot

The single leg deadlift is an amazing exercise for developing strong and shapely glutes and hamstrings which are crucial for low back health and althletic performance. This movement will also increase single leg stability and develop muscles that are often neglected by bilateral movements alone, creating a more stable and resilient body.

Single Leg Deadlift Instructions:

  1. Setup by Standing tall with a kettlebell in one hand and chin tucked, create a slight bend in the opposite knee.

  2. With the leg thats on the same side as the kettlebell, push your hips back and reach for the back wall with your heel, keeping your foot slightly dorsiflexed.

  3. Keeping a rigid upper body and shoulders packed, keep the kettlebell close to your body and avoid reaching for the floor.

  4. Think of your body as a teeter totter, your lower body ascends at the same rate as your upper body descends, keeping neutral spine alignment.

  5. To come back up, focus on pulling with your planted heel and bringing your hip forward to stand tall.

Note: Keep the reps low and focus on quality of reps before adding reps or weight

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