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​Myth Buster: Squats Are Bad For Your Knees

The Myth

Squats will damage your knees.

Why People May Believe It

A few reasons people may believe this myth include getting information from unreliable sources such as friends, family members or fellow gym goers that say squatting is how they hurt their knees or back. This idea is still accepted by people today because squatting properly is hard, it takes time and practice, many would rather avoid discomfort and hop on a padded comfortable leg press machine.

The Truth

Squats will strengthen connective tissues, stabilizer muscles and increase flexibility, making your knee joints more resilient and reduces risk of injury. In fact, correctly performed and gradually progressed single leg squats and its variations are the most important exercises for knee health and specifically ACL rehab and injury prevention!

Owner of Shane Physiotherapy, Jason Shane concurs; “strength training falls under the category of building up tissue tolerance. Most injuries happen because clients’ tissue tolerance is less than the demand they are putting on said tissue. Through strength training we are able to build up their tissue tolerance to allow them to perform their activities of choice.”

Specifically regarding squats for rehab, Dr. Michael Mash, had great success with incorporating strength principles into all of his clinical rotations. “My patients on the Level-1 Trauma unit were doing bodyweight squats at bedside. Those at the nursing home were doing squats in their walkers, and I was progressively loading people with free-weights at my outpatient rotations,” says Dr. Mash.

What this means for YOU

Find a facility with credible coaches to show you how to squat correctly and progress intelligently, most times when people say squats hurt their knees it is because they are performing them wrong or do not have the adequate mobility or stability in certain joints to perform the movement properly.

Learn how to squat properly and you will be well on your way to faster fat loss, healthier joints, and a strong and well developed backside!

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