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KB Goblet Squat Snapshot

The KB goblet squat is one of the single best squatting exercises for general fitness. It builds strong legs and core. Adding a kettlebell in front of your body allows you to keep your torso more upright and puts you in an optimal squatting position. For an extra Challenge, hold the kettlebell in a bottoms up position (as shown in the picture above).

KB Goblet Squat Instructions:
  1. Safely clean the kettlebell to chest level.

  2. Hold the kettlebell by the horns with your elbows close your body and the kettlebell touching your sternum.

  3. Take a big breath.

  4. Pull yourself down into a deep squat until elbows lightly touch the inside of your knees.

  5. Pause for a moment.

  6. Drive hard through your heels and reverse the movement while maintaining a neutral spine.

  7. Exhale coming up.

  8. Repeat.

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