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Deadlift Snapshot

The deadlift is one of, if not, the the best all around strength building movements that you can perform in the gym. This is one of the most well-known exercises that requires you to pick up a still weight from the ground; think of how many times outside of the gym you have to pick up heavy objects from the ground. When performed properly, the deadlift requires the use of every muscle in the body to work together. Before being able to deadlift you must first be able to touch your toes so you can perform the lift without risking injury to the back (along with a mastery of hip hinging and some exercise regressions). Having a strong posterioir chain (the backside of your body) is crucial if you want to live happy pain-free life.

Instructions on how to do the deadlift:

1. Stand with feet roughly shoulder width apart

2. Hinge back with the hips while maintaing a neutral spine

3. Place hands on the weight with chest up and shoulder blades down/back

4. Drive the ground away while keeping that same neutral spine

5. Complete the lift by bringing the hips all the way through by squeezing the glutes and standing tall

6. Reverse the movement to the starting position.

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