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Celebrate All Your Wins With Performance Based Goals

When you've reached the final destination of your wellness journey there is no better feeling! It's euphoria. You've lost the fat, you've gained the strength and you can move better than ever before. There's no doubt you are a rock star and you deserve everything you're feeling.

The challenge though for most of us, is that we set long term goals and try to reach them on short term timelines. So we struggle. And the struggle is real. Often times defeating us before we have a chance to even realize our true potential.

What we struggle to realize is that we're hitting goals, milestones and improving all the way through our journey. We're hitting performance based goals without even realizing it! Think about it, could you do that pull-up two weeks ago? What about that push-up? Didn't you start them on your knees? Those are rock star moments you're not celebrating.Those are the moments to be proud of and those are steps you must take towards reaching your goals.

Performance based goals are measurable and objective. If you can lift a weight more times than before, the science is simple, you are stronger than the day before. If you couldn't do an exercise like a 1 leg squat, but now you can, that is progress. Sometimes we get so fixated on the bigger goal such as fat loss or bigger muscles that we lose sight of all the good stuff happening along the way.

Performance based goals make it easier for you to see your progress. More times that not, being able to do 10 strict bodyweight pushups and building up to your first real deal chin-up will keep you wanting more as you are now doing something that you once couldn’t. Don't Wait Until You've Reached Your Goal to be Proud of Yourself. Be Proud of Every Step You Take Towards Reaching that Goal.

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